Thursday, January 1, 2015

Movie Related Events of 2014

Here at KAMAD, I focus on movie reviews of films I have seen in theaters.  Reviews however are not the only thing that takes up space on this blog page. Movie related events come up on a regular basis in my world and they get some on-line love from me as well.

In case you are not a regular at Kirkham A Movie A Day, here are some items you may enjoy but may have missed in the last year. Click on the picture to be magically transported to the post.

Jesus Christ Superstar Celebration at the Arclight Hollywood
A visit with the makers of the film version of the Musical Jesus Christ Superstar

My first trip to the TCM Film Festival and my first meeting with one of my blogging colleagues.

Another opportunity to meet Drew Struzan, my favorite poster artist and the subject of a documentary screened at the exhibit of his work.

A chance to meet and get a signature from the screenwriter of the greatest adventure film ever made.
A few hours spent in the company of the friends of the claymation giant. GUMBYFEST

Rock and Roll Night at the Egyptian Theater
The Costume Exhibit at the future Academy Museum site.

A personal appearance by the Man in Black (no, not Johnny Cash)

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