Strother Martin Film Project

I have a separate blog project dedicated to the Films of Character Actor Strother Martin.

Links to new posts on that project will be found below. Please come by and visit and share your thoughts as well.

Strother Martin Wednesdays-A Summer Project 2022

Episode 14  Video Archive Podcast Shout Out

An Audio Clip From Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary

Episode  13  Rhubarb

Uncredited in a substantial role.

Episode 12  The Magnetic Monster

50s Science Fiction

Episode 11  The Shaggy Dog

Disney Style Strother Martin

Episode 10  Cowboy

Jack Lemon, Glenn Ford, and Strother.

Episode 9  True Grit

Strother at his funniest.

Episode 8  The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance

John Ford, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart

Episode 7 The Champ

His Last Major Film

Episode 6  Pocket Money

Newman, Marvin, Martin, not a great film but a great cast.

Episode 5  Fool's Parade

The start of a relationship with Jimmy Stewart

Episode 4  The Deadly Companions

Sam Peckinpah makes his first movie, and Strother is there. 

Episode 3  McLintock!  

John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara and Strother Martin

Episode 2  The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Strother and L.Q. Jones together again.

Episode 1  Slap Shot

The best sports movie ever made.

Another film with Charles Bronson, and a chance to show off his swimming skills. 

The last time Strother worked with the great John Wayne.

I'm not sure what he is doing in this counter-culture stoner comedy, but he does it so well. Two minutes near the beginning is enough to make it essential for this project.

Jay's first "Starring" role is in this low budget horror film, written and produced by his buddy L.Q. Jones.
 Slim Pickens is featured in a post for the TCM Summer Under the Stars Bloggathon. He and Strother had two title in common, both of their roles are discussed in this post.

Strother is one of three vile brothers who violate Raquel Welch in this feminist revenge Western.

There is not much Jay in this Burt Reynolds comedy, but the two quick scenes are highlighted for you in this post.

The first of his many collaborations with Paul Newman. Strother has an interesting role in a cast full of great actors.

The iconic line from the 1960s and one of th greatest movie lines of all times. Here in this first entry on Cool Hand Luke.

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