Monday, January 5, 2009

First Week

The weekend was fine. We had a very nice time at John and Anne's house, with Johnny's friends playing a new type of Pictionary. Some of the clues were a little risque, and I am a little embarrassed that I laughed so hard. On the other hand it was very therapeutic. Amanda stayed at home and played Scene It with her friends. This resulted in my having to go out on Sunday and acquire this version for our family. We then spent part of Sunday evening playing just the four of us. Each side won one game so we called it quits before people got too testy. We finally started watching Twin Peaks on DVD, the girls started laughing out loud at some of the lines they recognized from years of living around us. Dee is back to work today and was none too happy about it. I have classes at Cal Poly this evening, it is the start of the Winter Quarter and there are a lot of things to do, it seems like a long time to go until the Summer, but it will get here quick enough.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

It is the second day of the year. Amanda is home for another week, She is exhausted from marching in the Rose Parade and Playing for an additional 10 hours for the game. Thank goodness the Trojans won or things would be unpleasant around here. Allison is out with Drew, they went shooting and have not been heard from for a while. She and Drew were here from about Mid-night to 1:30 am. Dee spoke with them before she came to bed. I was out by Midnight, the game took a lot out of me as well. The day was fantastic, we had a terrific time. Today the weather is overcast and it is freezing around here. We just got a call from Jeff the car service guy. The van appears to be fine and we can pick it up. A couple more college games to watch. We are supposed to go to the Yenny's tonight for some chili and Pictionary before Johnny heads back to the Navel Academy. My resolution this year is to try and keep this journal and add as many video updates as I can. The goal is to have a record of the year, work on becoming a more proficient hunt and pecker at the keyboard, and learn more technology skills that I can use in other places. I don't know if anyone else will ever read any of this, but I hope that I will enjoy putting it together and reviewing the events of the day.