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 This is a complete set of links to the posts on the project, there are a couple of number missteps, but this is all of them. 

Day One of the Project, a grim Kubrick Film.

Day Two Weird Al Fun

Day Three Clint Western

Day Four  Sean Connery in Space

Day Five The Movie of My Favorite Book

Day Six  Richard Donner Mayhem

Day Seven  Brian DePalma it begins

Day Eight Techno Thriller Number One From John Badham

Day Nine  Comedy Breakout Michael Keaton

Day Ten  Solid Disney Animation

Day Eleven Underwater with James Cameron

Day Twelve  I had to

Day Thirteen  Clint as a Dirty Harry

Day Fourteen  A Great Vampire Movie

Day Fifteen  The Brat Pack Plays Cowboys

Day Sixteen  Not Mel's best, but fun

Day Seventeen Belushi in a RomCom

Day Eighteen  Whoa Mama, hot stuff

Day Nineteen  I lived it

Day Twenty  Maybe the Greatest Baseball Movie Ever

Day Twenty-one  The Visual Revolution Begins


Day Twenty-two  More Eddie/Axel

Day Twenty-four  Hip Vampires

Day Twenty Five Clint Turns Spy

Day Twenty-six The Muppets go to London

Day Twenty-seven  Stallone Kills a Bunch of People

Day Twenty-eight   Krull on over for Dessert

Day Twenty-nine  James Bond Drops in

Day Thirty  Amanda's Second Favorite Film

Day Thirty-one  The Best of Brian DePalma

Day Thirty-two   A Weird One, not sure what it is supposed to be

Day Thirty-three  A Comedy worth your time

Day Thirty-four   Stallone is still killing people

Day Thirty-five  Joe Dante Fun

Day Thirty-Five  Tobe Hooper but Spielberg

Day Thirty-six  WWII Spies

Day Thirty-seven  Hard to find but worth the effort

Day Thirty-eight  My Favorite Coppola film of the 80s

Day Thirty-nine  Beloved by 80s kids

Day Forty  John Huston directing a musical about kids, not good

Day Forty-one  A Better movie than most give it credit for

Day Forty-two  More DePalma

Day Forty-three  Low grade spy stuff with Gene Simmons

Day Forty-four  Steve McQueen's final film

Day Forty-five  Sean Connery Again

Day Forty-six  More Mel

Day Forty-seven  A long forgotten film

Day Forty-eight  A Techno-thriller with more kids

Day Forty-nine  Peter Benchley miss fire

Day Fifty  What a great surprise

Day Fifty-one   An Anniversary memory

Day Fifty-two  Soccer in WWII

Day Fifty-three  John Hughes

Day Fifty-four  Disney Animation

Day Fifty-five  My Bachelor Party 

Day Fifty-six  Get out your 3D glasses

Day Fifty-seven  David Bowie Fantasy

Day Fifty-eight  Arnold in the Summer

Day Fifty-nine  It's a package deal

Day Sixty  Sexy New Orleans Cop Thriller

Day Sixty-one  It was timely in that year

Day Sixty-two  Non-homophobic Gay jokes

Day Sixty-three  Ralph Baksi Animation

Day Sixty-four  Another Tobe Hooper  not very good

Day Sixty-five  Pee Wee's sophomore effort

Day Sixty-six  Rolling Stone face plants

Day Sixty-seven  This is an odd one

Day Sixty-eight  Rock Biopic

Day Sixty-nine  Charming play adapted to film

Day Seventy  The most frequently seen movie of my 80s

Day Seventy-one  Sci Fi for the geriatric set

Day Seventy-two  An OK Comedy

Day Seventy-three  One more Clint for the Summer, a favorite

Day Seventy-four  Another John Badham Techno-thriller

Day Seventy-five  Mad Max as babysitter

Day Seventy-seven  The end of the project

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