Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's About Time

Here we are half-way through the year and this is only the third post. This week reminds me of all the stuff that I wanted to keep a record of. Let's start with the legal issues. On April 25th I got pulled over for expired tags on the Flagship. There was a little confusion because we had only ordered the personalized plates in September. Anyway, while the police officer was writing up the ticket and checking the computer records, Amanda called home. Before we pulled away from the curb, Dolores had already paid the registration on-line and the late fees. The police officer told me that there was no fine on the ticket, I just needed to show proof of compliance. On the following Monday, I sent in the ticket with the registration receipt from the DMV. I looked for but did not see any fee for the ticket. A few weeks later a notice came reminding me to take care of this issue. The notice did not specify an amount due, and it said that I should disregard the notice if I had already taken care of it. Since I had, I simply disregarded the notice. On July 9, as we were getting ready to travel to Vegas for the weekend, a notice came, telling me that my license was to be suspended and that I owed $600 if I paid immediately and it would go to $900 in 30 days. We tried to get some kind of information on-line and on the phone but we were not able to. On Monday July 13, I went to the Metropolitan Office of the Superior Court in Los Angeles. After waiting to see the clerk, I was informed that they never received my payment. I asked the clerk to explain what payment I was supposed to have sent, he was not very clear and simply repeated the same statement about a $25 fee. I offered to pay that, but he said I need to get a court date to dismiss any fee. I also needed to pay a $10 fee for what he called an "abstract" which appears to be an electronic wavier of any suspension of my drivers license. My Court date is 8:30 a.m. on DECEMBER 4.

Dolores is in the middle of a breakdown over trying to get a loan against her TSA. The process has been unclear, she has talked to 4 or 5 different sets of people, and has spent 11 days on this, after the paper work was originally sent in. There appears to be some progress but she could explode tomorrow or on Monday.

The fuel pump went out on us as we returned from the Hollywood Bowl after the Faith Hill concert. The Yennys were with us and we had a little adventure in Pasadena at 1:00 a.m.. I remembered after we took the car in for repairs that we had an extended warranty. The total cost was $1100, there is a $250 deductible, so we should be getting reimbursed for some of this.

Amanda is trying to schedule a move from the house she lived in last year to the apartment that she will be in next year. She wants us to rent a truck, pack up all her stuff, store it overnight at home and then move it back down to SC. Also, all of her roommates are getting in on this and we will be moving them also. It seems somewhat convoluted to me, but what do I know?

Summer school ended today and I was just trying to tidy up some loose ends. I am now the Speech department Coordinator and there will be trouble if I don't get my life a little more organized. Rebooting this web journal is on way that I am trying to get some of that discipline.
I am sure there are other things I should write down, but this will do for now. Hope it isn't because my court date went bad that I next post.