Friday, January 25, 2013

Bond Memorabilia from USC Four Years Ago

The weekend we went to the Bond Festival and got to see Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson, Marc Foster, Tom Mankewitz, Richard Kiel, and Maude Adams, we also stopped by this lobby display in the cinema building on campus.


Unknown said...

I hate you.

LOL. Naw. I am extremely jealous though. I got to see some of the actual Bond vehicles and got Richard Kiel's autograph at last year's Comic-Con. So at least Ive gotten some Bond celebration in.

But yeah, back to being jealous... LOL Seems like an awesome event. Id have geeked out!

Richard Kirkham said...

Kiel was great but Mankewitz stole the show. This was only a few months before he passed. I wish I had some video.