Movies I Want Everyone to See

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It has been my privilege to meet a great community of fellow film fans and bloggers on Fogs Movie Reviews, run by my on-line friend Dan Fogarty. He has had some changes in his life and the burden of keeping up with a daily web site is not going to be very easy. I and some other community members suggested that he allow us to take up some of the load so that we can maintain the active status of the blog. I see people posting comments every day and when Fogs hits the right target, hundreds respond. We want to keep that enthusiasm going.

I am honored to be offered a weekly spot for a feature that I am entitling "Movies That I Want Everyone to See". Unlike Dan's terrific in depth background research on essential film making (MTESS), I will be reporting my subjective (but well defended) opinion on films that I have taken a particular shine to. I want to spotlight films that have a distinct virtue but probably don't rise to the level of "essential". Some of the movies I will highlight have a particular performance that make them worthy, some should have been box office successes but missed out for some reason, others are lost gems that may have been released before many of the readers became film fans. I'm not really looking for the obscure, but rather the under-appreciated.

We want you to feel free to disagree if you saw the film and think it lacks merit. Or even better, if you are inspired by a chosen movie, share your enthusiasm for films by recommending similar film or maybe one featuring the actors or behind the scenes craftsmen. Remember, my goal here is not to be right (I have my own site for that) but to remind everyone of something they love and revisit it or to help discover something you may fall in love with yourself. On behalf of the readers of Fogs Movie Reviews, I am thrilled to welcome you to Kirkham's Corner.

--Richard Kirkham (AKA 70srichard)
 My Swan Song on Fogs Movie Reviews.

         A 70s Classic that everyone will love.

Another Creepy Entry for Halloween Week
 Creepy Big Ass Spiders Crawl onto Fogs site this week.

Farewell to Ed Lauter, a great character actor and a face everyone should know.

A big pile of charm, and the first thing I wrote for this column.

A Great Survival Film, Worth Your Time to Seek it out.

Spielberg and Cameron saw the future, it was Westworld.

More Michael Caine, I'm not sure there is ever enough.

A comedic adventure that travels though the town you love to hate, L.A.

This One is a little different. It may also provoke a few people.
Smart Science Fiction Film this week.

In Honor of Elmore Leonard and Company.

Where the future began.

This weeks column on FMR.

The Second Act of  my column on FMR. Click the poster for the full experience.

My Maiden Column for FMR:

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